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Atlas Orthogonal in the News

Dr. Travis Stork
“The Doctors” CBS

The hit CBS show “The Doctors” features a case study on a traumatic injury and Atlas Orthogonal. Dr. Travis Stork describes A.O. as a “breakthrough” and a “miracle solution for neck pain.”

Jim McMahon
ESPN “30 for 30”

This ESPN 30 for 30 special explores Jim McMahon’s battle with the symptoms of concussion. Cervical-cranial expert Dr. Scott Rosa describes Jim’s condition and the results he has received with Atlas Orthogonal treatment, with a fascinating look at pre and post MRI studies of Jim’s brain.

Good Morning America

Chiropractic for High Blood Pressure

Listen to the report of the popular daytime talk show, Good Morning America, as they examine exciting new research by The University of Chicago Medical School that explores the dramatic reduction in blood pressure without the use of prescription drugs.

Montel Williams

Montel Williams features Dr. Patrick Kerr and discusses the profound effect Atlas Orthogonal has had in his life. After suffering debilitating chronic pain, neuralgia, and balance issues, Montel finally found a solution in Atlas Orthogonal.

ABC News

Migraine Relief May Be In Sight

A local news channel interviews several people who have found relief from debilitating migraines. Dr. Ryan Alter explains how the simple, safe and effective Atlas Orthogonal Technique is used to gain relief by a simple re-alignment of the spine. Watch and learn about this exciting breakthrough in migraine treatment.


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