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Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a system of adjusting subluxations of the cervical spine by means of its uppermost vertebra (C1, also known as the “atlas”). The Atlas Orthogonal Program was developed with specificity in mind. A Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Doctor of Chiropractic uses specific x-ray views to determine the extent and direction of spinal misalignment. This analysis from the x-rays determines the vector or direction the doctor will adjust the spinal segment.

Dr. Greg Crowley, a Licensed Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist (BCAO), performs the adjustment in our office. Dr. Crowley will utilize the latest research and development to determine the root of your problem and with the help of the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Adjusting Instrument, Dr. Crowley will give you the precise adjustment your body needs. The amount of percussive energy exerted is 6 Ibs. of pressure per square inch. With this light force the 2 ounce Atlas bone is then gently restored to its normal position.

Come in for a tour of our office, meet Dr. Crowley and see the AO precision instrument for yourself. The results speak for themselves.

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