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Experienced Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Dubuque


Dr. Greg Crowley of Asbury Family Chiropractic aims to provide quality Upper Cervical Care to patients in Dubuque and neighboring areas in Iowa.

Asbury Family Chiropractic is the Upper Cervical Chiropractic practice of Dr. Greg Crowley in Dubuque. Our office is 7 minutes from the City Hall if you take Central Ave and head toward W 12th St and W 10th St, then turn to Locust St. and continue to Clark Rd. and Asbury Rd. Anyone who wants to work with a committed Dubuque chiropractor can expect top-notch care when they book a consultation with Dr. Greg Crowley.

We meticulously plan each care regimen to cater to the needs of each patient. So, if you’re in the Dubuque area or any of the locations listed below, we encourage you to book your consultation to learn more about how you can revitalize your health:

  • Asbury

  • Sageville

  • Key West

  • Centralia

  • Peosta

  • Rutledge

  • Kieler

  • Sherrill

  • Dickeyville

  • Sinasinawa 

Dubuque, often called the “Masterpiece on the Mississippi, ” is a captivating city in Dubuque County, Iowa. Overlooking the scenic Mississippi River, it’s known for its rich history, having been established in 1833 as a lead mining town. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to the city’s attractions, such as the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, and the Fenelon Place Elevator Company, which claims to be the world’s shortest, steepest scenic railway.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic in Dubuque: A Unique Way to Revitalize Your Health 

Dr. Greg Crowley is a board-certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor with several years of experience helping patients restore proper spinal alignment. Essentially, his technique focuses on adjusting the atlas bone – the very first vertebra (bone) of your spine, right at the base of your skull. Think of it like a ring that your skull rests on. “Orthogonal” means at a right angle or 90 degrees. So, “atlas orthogonal” refers to ensuring that the atlas is correctly aligned at right angles to the spine and skull. Here’s a closer look at how the technique works:

  1. Identifying misalignment: Using X-rays and sometimes other tools, an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Dubuque checks if the atlas is out of its ideal position. 
  2. Using precision instrument: Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors use a special instrument to deliver a gentle and precise tap to realign the atlas.
  3. Maintaining the alignment: Consistent visits to your chiropractor will help you check how well you’re holding the adjustments to your atlas bone.

In essence, the atlas orthogonal chiropractic technique ensures that the very top of your spine is well-balanced and aligned, which can help the rest of your spine and body feel and function better.

Unlock Renewed Health with Chiropractic Care in Dubuque

Dr. Greg Crowley is committed to helping patients in Dubuque and nearby cities and towns. As a result, patients in need of a Dubuque chiropractor feel assured each time they book an appointment for a consultation, assessment or adjustment. At Asbury Family Chiropractic, we study each case carefully to ensure we provide tailored-fit care to every patient we work with. Also, we look at the history of neck and head injuries and other potential triggers of atlas subluxation to help us guide our patients on how to hold their adjustments. 

When in doubt about how Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care work, we strongly recommend going through published studies. Additionally, we suggest consulting with Dr. Crowley if you have any of the following health concerns: 

  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Low back pain

Seek a Trusted Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Dubuque

Office Address: 2100 Asbury Rd., Suite #6 Dubuque IA 52001

Office Phone Number: (563) 582-3424

Office Hours:

Mon, Wed, & Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm 

Tues: 2:00pm – 6:00pm 

Thurs, Sat, & Sun: CLOSED

Having cervical spine misalignments can increase your risk for many health problems, so getting your atlas and axis bone assessed and adjusted ASAP is crucial! If you live in Dubuque, Asbury, Sageville, Key West, Centralia, Peosta, Rutledge, Kieler, Sherrill, Dickeyville, and Sinasinawa vicinity, you are only a few minutes away from receiving professional care from Asbury Family Chiropractic and Dr. Greg Crowley.

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