Nicole – Migraine relief with conservative upper cervical chiropractic in Dubuque, Iowa.

Facing imminent neck surgery for debilitating neck pain Gail decided to come to Dr. Crowley. Eight years later and she is still pain and surgery free.

Dr. Crowley talks about our mission at Asbury Family Chiropractic, located in Dubuque, Iowa.

After dealing with vertigo Rita was referred to Dr. Greg Crowley in Dubuque, Iowa and experienced complete resolution of symptoms.

Mrs. Tidwell describes the relief she has had from the devastating disorder known as Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Dubuque, Iowa chiropractor discussed pain relief with Jolene, who suffered neck and back pain for years.

After a motor vehicle accident Lori suffered from migraine headaches and severe neck pain. She finally found relief after visiting Dr. Crowley in his Dubuque, Iowa clinic.

Jan discusses with Dr. Crowley the relief she has had from her migraine and neck pain.

After suffering from vertigo and pain Chery, a retired nurse, found relief in our Dubuque, Iowa clinic under the care of Dr. Crowley.

Derrick found relief from his severed migraines at Asbury Family Chiropractic in Dubuque, Iowa. Migraines limited his ability to work and go to school and now nothing is holding him back.

Gloria, suffering neck pain so debilitating she had trouble eating and swallowing, finds relief in Dubuque, Iowa from Dr. Greg Crowley.

Referred to Dr. Crowley by a coworker Sheena finds relief from a lifetime of migraines, headaches and neck pain in our clinic, located in Dubuque, Iowa.

Angie discusses the relief she received with Atlas Orthogonal treatment at our Dubuque, Iowa clinic.

Referred by a coworker, Erin finally finds relief from years of severe Headache’s and migraines with the help of Dr. Greg Crowley in his Dubuque, Iowa clinic.

What our Patients Say

Our client’s satisfaction is very important to us, read what they have to say or click on the video to the left and hear their story directly from them. Thanks for Visiting!

– Dr. Gregory Crowley

When I heard about Dr. Crowley treating soldiers returning from Iraq, I had to check it out. I had been having chronic headaches since my return. After only a few sessions with Dr. Crowley, I noticed remarkable improvement. I have continued treatment and have not had the problems return. I would recommend Dr. Crowley to anyone with a nagging pain or problem. Dr. Crowley is very professional and his office and staff make you feel like you’re part of the family

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Dennis Boge

I’d been having lower back problems since I was 20 years old. About three times a year I would experience such excruciating pain that I couldn’t sit up, stand for extended periods of time, or even bend down and tie my shoes. I’d seen a number of different chiropractors and they always helped but I would be hobbling back in their office two or three months later with the same debilitating pain. A friend recommended Dr Crowley at Asbury Family Chiropractic, the results were nothing less than a miracle. It’s been over a year and I have yet to have a reoccurence and I haven’t felt this good in several years. Thanks Dr. Crowley!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Jason M Staner

When I first came to Dr. Crowley I was experiencing shooting pains that extended down my arm and into my hand. We devised a plan and by the end of the first week I had little to no pain. By the end of the second week we had the inflamed nerve under control and the pain was gone. Gradually I visited Dr. Crowley less and less, now I am feeling as I did prior to my football injury that brought me in.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Matt Carter

There are so many positive changes in my health. When I first started going to see Dr. Crowley, I was having at least one migraine per week. And now, I could not even tell you when I had my last one. I have recommended Dr. Crowley to many people and I will continue to do so. He has made my life a lot easier since I have been going to see him. Dr. Crowley and his staff are great. They are always very professional. They are also very understanding and easy to make appointments with, since my job is so unpredictable. I will continue to make appointments with him because of the results and overall great things that I have seen. Thanks so much!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Crystal Wells

I first saw Dr. Crowley for a sports physical when he asked me normal questions such as getting headaches. I used to get headaches at least five days of the week. Wow. I think I’ve had maybe three in the last 2 ½ months. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Crowley to anyone and everyone. I think Dr. Crowley and Asbury Family Chiropractic is fantastic and they helped me out a lot. I would also like to thank them very much. You helped me out tremendously.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Kelsie Davis

I came to see Dr. Crowley because my right foot hurt. After seeing him a few times my foot started feeling better and I was able to run around again. Dr. Crowley is really nice.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Morgan Simon

I had frequent migraines. Averaged 10+ per month.

I had tried numerous chiropractors, neurologist, acupuncture, allergist, ears-nose-throat specialist and others. All of them had almost no success at lowering the number of migraines I was having.

My migraines have decreased dramatically. I now average about 3 per month and feel I am still steadily improving. I can now enjoy golf, bike riding, mowing grass, being outside (even in the wind) and have much less chance of migraine.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Jerry Theisen

I had been to an atlas orthogonal chiropractor for years in California and he stopped my headaches. I have been back in Dubuque for two and a half years and had been thinking about driving to Clinton to see an atlas orthogonal chiropractor. Then my mom told me about a commercial for Asbury Family Chiropractic.

I went in to see Dr. Crowley and after three visits, I was feeling better. One of the main things I noticed was my increased energy level when I did not have to deal with pain all the time.

I was so happy with Dr. Crowley that I recommended him to my sister-in-law and I also take my three year old son to see him.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Doug Tonn

I heard about this chiropractor at my wife’s work. I was getting a lot of headaches and migraines a couple of times a week. I also had neck stiffness. Since going to Dr. Greg Crowley, he found the problem and I have gone 2 months without a migraine!

I do get one sometimes, but not as I use to.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Crowley! Dr. Crowley and his staff are very nice and great to work with.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Thomas Vogt

When I went to Dr. Crowley for the first time, I had severe lower back pain. After a few visits I was able to move without pain and stopped taking pain pills. I would recommend Dr. Crowley to everyone. He is honest, sincere, and really cares about you and your chiropractic health. Keep up the good work and God bless!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Joel Schroeder

I came to see Dr. Crowley because I thought he could help me with the problems I had and could get results in my life regarding these problems.

I have had treatments on my back, neck, and shoulders while coming to Asbury Family Chiropractic. Now I am able to stand up straight and I do not feel the need to crack my neck and back as much. Now I stand up straight without slouching over and hold my head upright!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Ashley Powell

I saw the seminar regarding headaches and decided to check out Dr. Crowley’s Services. I suffered from terrible headaches 2-4 times per week. I also had low back pain severely that would result in being flat on my back for days at a time about every 6-8 months.

Almost immediately after beginning treatment I felt relief from my chronic headaches and within a couple of months I no longer worried about hurting my back at work. I am getting better and more restful sleep since beginning treatment with Dr. Crowley.

I think Dr. Crowley is amazing! I can’t explain how nice it is to not have headaches – I thought I would have them for life but I was wrong! Health is worth every dollar I’ve spent!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Jenny Corkery

I stay with my daughter in the summer and she wanted me to see Dr. Crowley because she thought he could help me. I was walking with a walker for a while.
As I felt very unsteady and my shoulders were hurting and I could not stand for a long period of time.

Prior to coming to Asbury Family Chiropractic I did physical therapy and got very little results.

I now walk without a walker! I can bake and knit without shoulder pain and I am able to walk a lot better. I am 91 years young – I walk slow, but doing well. I am also sleeping much better at night and doing things I enjoy.

If you are uncomfortable, have back and shoulder pain, or pain anywhere, I would suggest talking to Dr. Crowley and I am sure you will get results. Age is only a number. Don’t hesitate to let Dr. Crowley help you. I am very grateful for the help he has given me.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Winnie Gordon

Dr. Crowley is a relative of mine and my usual chiropractor wasn’t working out. Before coming to Dr. Crowley I had horrible back pain and was barely able to turn to see behind me.

Prior to coming to Asbury Family Chiropractic I was seeing different chiropractor, who just adjusted me and in a few days I would be out of line and in pain again!

Now I feel more energetic and flexible. I can stand at work longer, carry more bales for the calves and I am closer to touching my toes.

Unlike my former chiropractor, Dr. Crowley found where my problems were at and fixed them and even told me what I needed to do to stay in line.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Emily Wulfekuhle

I had years of right side back pain with right hip pain and neck pain. I have taken ibuprophen almost everyday or just lived with the pain. Dr. Crowley treated my son after being injured in Iraq, and I felt that if Dr. Crowley could help him out, he could help me out!

Prior to visiting Dr. Crowley I have tried physical therapy and medication for my pain, but it always returned.

I felt like I was off-balance, like my legs were uneven and I was just living in pain for years. Now I have an overall feeling of health and would recommend treatment by Dr. Crowley.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Cathy Salwolke

I was having headaches continuously. I took medications that were not helpful.

I had taken medications, used medicated patches, and tried various creams prior to coming to Dr. Crowley. Nothing helped with the long-term pain, and the medications I took made me drowsy.

I always said I would never let a chiropractor adjust my lower back. After letting Dr. Crowley adjust my neck and back, I had immediate relief.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Laura Fishmick

I came to see Dr. Crowley because I had pain and discomfort throughout my shoulder area, neck and both legs and an inability to get a good night’s rest…with “restless leg syndrome”. I also have painful hips and knees, and the inability to kneel and then stand-up. I have imbalances, which have required the use of a cane.

After seeing Dr. Crowley, I can reach the floor easier. I have improvements of shoulder and neck and can turn head left-right better. The hip and leg pain is much improved. Most nights I sleep better, with less use of ointments for relief of leg pain. I use less ingested medications for pain relief, and use my cane less!

If you are looking for good care, ask Dr. Crowley questions. He is well educated and will answer and explain to ones abilities, what treatments he is providing and why. Have a positive attitude and follow instructions!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Donna Rogan

My son, Jack, was born with Torticollis. He was a quiet kid and could stare right through you. Jack would squint a lot. He spent quite a bit of time rubbing his head and eyes also. One day it dawned on me, he looked like me when I had a headache. That’s when I decided to take Jack to Dr. Crowley, whom I had been going to for a couple months. He was a little apprehensive at first, but the doctor let him feel the problem with his finger and he was okay. There was not much change after the first adjustment but when I took Jack back later that week for his second adjustment the changes started. When we got ready to do, Jack hopped off the table and ran into the lobby and did a knee slide on the floor. Jack’s personality change was unbelievable. He went from being quiet and shy boy to an active and outgoing boy. I believe Jack was in pain most of the time because now he actually comes to me and says, “Daddy, my neck hurts!” he never did that before. All of his head rubbing and squinting have disappeared also. Jack likes to say he broke his neck and Dr. Crowley fixed it.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Doug Tonn

I needed help dealing with Fibromyalgia and acute neck pain. Also how to deal with chronic pain.

Now I live with minimal to no neck/nerve pain.

Dr. Crowley is very knowledgeable, caring and empathetic. I receive professional care from all members of the team.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Sheila D. Herbst

I came to see Dr. Crowley because I was having asthma attacks. I was having 4 asthma attacks a day. Prior to seeing Dr. Crowley I had to use my inhaler so I could breathe. Now, with Dr. Crowley’s help, I am able to run around more and breathe better. I am no longer scared to play outside!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Natalie Konzen

Dr. Crowley specializes in atlas balancing. I was having problems with swallowing and having chest and throat spasms. I had extreme muscle spasms and poor digestive health.

Before coming to see Dr. Crowley, I had acupuncture and other chiropractic treatments. These chiropractors didn’t do atlas balancing. There was no change in the throat spasms and the difficulty to swallow worsened.

Now, I cam swallow solid foods, whereas, before I couldn’t even swallow water. The treatments I get here have also helped a lung condition I have and now I can breathe better. Chiropractic care not helped me with these issues but also my overall health both bodily and mentally. It also helps to have a professional and personal relationship with your doctor, which I have here at this office!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Gloria Speth

Before coming to Dr. Crowley, I was a prisoner of my own body. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Along with this symptom came horrible migraine headaches, Fibromyalgia, chronic dizziness, and much more. However, the most debilitating symptom was coma-like fainting episodes.

Now, thanks to Dr. Crowley, every aspect of my POTS has improved. Most importantly, I have been episode free for over 10 months. Dr. Crowley gave me back more than a symptom reduced life… He gave me back freedom! He gave me back my life!!!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Amanda Harrop

About a year ago, I was in a car accident and it messed up my neck and back pretty badly. My condition was tolerable, but I knew I needed to get it fixed. I have known Dr. Crowley for a while, so I came in to see if he could treat me.

Since coming here, not only are there minimal effects from my car accident, I also have noticed that my allergies have improved. I also sleep better now than I have in a while!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Megan Ingalsbe

I have had rheumatoid arthritis now for about 31 years. I have been to see many chiropractors and all of them have cracked my neck. This left my in excruciating pain and didn’t help my back at all. In fact, it made it a little worse. On a scale of 1-10, my pain was a negative 1! I had absolutely no relief whatsoever!

I came to see Dr. Crowley and now I am actually able to walk better. I have seen a great difference in my neck and headaches and I can stretch farther! I am not as stiff and I don’t have as much pain as I once did!

I encourage others to come here instead of going to rheumatologists and taking their medications! You will see greater results through chiropractic than through those meds!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Susan Brothers

Before coming here, I could barely move or function. I had constant pain and muscle spasms. Sometimes, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t even get out of bed and get myself dressed. I tried physical therapy and other chiropractors and none of these had any effect on my body.

Since coming to see Dr. Crowley, I have gone back to work full-time and the pain is tolerable. I feel so much better! I am almost back to who I was before this started! I recommend Dr. Crowley to anyone who needs help! The staff here is amazing and they care about you and want to help you!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Kelly Allman

I was having severe migraine headaches. I had suffered through them during my childhood and most of my adult life. I used to be able to plan when I would be sick with them for a whole week because they were hormonal. I had become addicted to pain killers and would be vomiting for days and have to be in the dark. I was mainly addicted to Tylenol with codeine. The withdrawal headaches were horrible!

I had to gone to many different chiropractors, doctors, and neurologists, but nothing helped. I had spent so much money on medications and even nose inhalers that just made me more sick.

I am migraine headache free! I may have one sneak up on me if I eat something with preservatives or dye that I am allergic too, but nothing like I used to have. I also have acid reflux that the doctor helps me control with chiropractic and diet.

I thought I had nothing to lose when someone gave me a sheet of paper for a free consultation. After we did the x-rays, Dr. Crowley told me he was very excited because he could definitely help me. Dr. Greg Crowley has truly changed my life! I no longer live with migraines! Thank you so much – I cannot find the words to say how grateful I am!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Rosalie Morgan

My coworker recommended Dr. Crowley to me because I had migraines quite often since a very young age. My condition was not good. I was having migraines every day for months right before I saw Dr. Crowley. I had seen my doctor many times prior. They gave me one medication that worked but it made me very drowsy so was unable to take it during work hours.

Since coming to Asbury Family Chiropractic, I am able to enjoy life, honestly! Before I just worked and slept because I was always in too much pain to do anything in my free time. Dr. Crowley is fabulous! He is very honest and will do absolutely whatever it takes to help. His staff is excellent as well!!!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Tawnie Koppes

Before coming to see Dr. Crowley, I had a constant back ache, then the pain went down my leg. I couldn’t sit comfortably and I had a hard time sleeping. I would have massages every once in a while and it felt good, but that was only temporary relief.

Now I am able to go to the grandkids activities and spend quality time with them and actually enjoy it. Please don’t wait to get the proper help thinking that you can do it on your own. It is not worth the pain.

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Alice Peterson

Before I came to see Dr. Crowley, I was hunched over with back pain and was very unstable walking. I also had just pain old pain everywhere and I had had that pain for years! I went to other chiropractors and the only thing they could do was put me on pain meds. Nothing worked!

Now that I am seeing Dr. Crowley on a regular basis, I can sit up straight, walk without pain, and I am even in a better mood. My overall look on life has improved. Dr. Crowley didn’t just help with my pain, he helped me get better health overall. I honestly had given up on ever feeling better. Now a don’t take any pain meds and I look forward to every day!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Rita Takes

I had been to other chiropractors over the previous 20 years, but my neck was getting any better. In fact, it was getting worse. Every head movement caused shooting pain. I could barely turn my head and had to support my head with my hands to look up at the sky. People were always asking me if my neck was bothering me.

I not only went to other chiropractors but I also tried cox decompression, laser and ultrasound, “pretzel” (twist and crack), handheld activator, physical therapy, Gonstead treatment, and more. While these things helped with other health issues, they didn’t improve my neck at all!

I decided to come see Dr. Crowley and now I can turn my head and look at the sky without pain. Also, not many people ask me if my neck is bothering me. Dr. Crowley always gives me his undivided attention. He has impressed me with his attention to the specific factors in my life that influence my condition and my response to treatment. I highly recommend him!

Dubuque IA Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Crowley testimonial

Karen Geyer

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