Vertigo Facts Lead to a Natural Solution

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Vertigo Facts Lead to a Natural Solution

07 16 Vertigo 11

07 16 Vertigo 11Vertigo is often confused with dizziness, which is a general feeling of lightheadedness. However, vertigo involves a false sensation of motion. Many experience it as a feeling that the room is spinning. We’re about to take a look at some more interesting vertigo facts and a natural means of finding relief that is proving successful for many.


5 Facts About Vertigo

Here are 5 things you may not know about vertigo:

  • There are two types of vertigo – central and peripheral
  • Central is the less common type and is caused by central nervous system problems
  • Peripheral is the more common type and is caused by vestibular problems related to the inner ear
  • Vertigo is usually a symptom of a condition rather than a condition itself; however, since the underlying problem often goes unidentified, benign paroxsymal positional vertigo is the most common diagnosis
  • Head or neck trauma often precedes the onset of vertigo

What do we learn from the above? Many of these facts point toward an upper cervical misalignment as the underlying cause of vertigo.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Vertigo

Because of this, case studies often show vertigo being significantly helped or completely relieved after just a short period of upper cervical chiropractic care. This is especially true for patients with a history of head or neck trauma such as concussions or whiplash. How is vertigo related to the neck?

When the upper cervical spine becomes misaligned, it can affect nerves, soft tissue, vertebral blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid drainage, and more. Everything from the brainstem to the Eustachian tubes may be affected. This means a misalignment may be the underlying cause of either peripheral or central vertigo.

At Asbury Family Chiropractic, we use the Atlas Orthogonal method to precisely measure misalignments and correct them without the use of force that is generally associated with chiropractic. This leads to long lasting adjustments that give the body the time it needs to heal. Many see both immediate benefits and continued health improvement over time.




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