Guide to Finding Lasting Low Back Pain Relief in Dubuque

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Guide to Finding Lasting Low Back Pain Relief in Dubuque

low back pain relief in Dubuque
low back pain relief in Dubuque

Are you grappling with persistent low back pain following a car accident or other traumatic injuries affecting the neck and head? The aftermath of head and neck trauma can leave lasting effects on your body, and it’s not always just about the initial impact. This discomfort often lingers, leaving you wondering if there’s a way out. More often than not, the forces at play in a seemingly simple car collision, whiplash injury, concussion, or sports-related head trauma can directly affect the spine, increasing your risks for chronic pain in the lower back. 

Thankfully, unlocking low back pain relief in Dubuque is possible with the help of a holistic path to healing: receiving gentle atlas adjustments. Now, you may be wondering: what does the topmost neck bone have to do with low back pain? How do atlas bone adjustments even work?

Let’s help you get acquainted with this natural option for low back pain relief in Dubuque! Read on as we explain the pivotal role of your neck bones and what to expect when you visit an Atlas Orthogonal doctor in Dubuque, IA, like Dr. Greg Crowley.

Low Back Pain After a Head or Neck Injury

Experiencing a head or neck injury can be quite uncomfortable, but one consequence that often gets overlooked is the development of low back pain. Notably, low back pain can develop months or years after neck or head injury because of the intricate design of the spinal column. The sheer impact from a traumatic event like a car collision can cause the topmost neck bones – the atlas and axis bones – to misalign. 

This forces the rest of the body to compensate to keep the head upright and maintain functionality. As the body adopts a new posture, movement patterns can change, adding pressure on your muscles and joints and increasing your risks for sciatic nerve compression – a leading risk factor for chronic low back pain. 

Additionally, the imbalance resulting from the traumatic accident can affect the nervous system, particularly the brainstem, which is located on the topmost part of the cervical spine. The brainstem acts as your body’s communication superhighway. Naturally, any disruptions in the upper cervical region can interfere with the normal transmission of neural signals, ultimately causing increased sensitivity to pain and slower tissue healing.

To effectively address this interconnected pain, a holistic approach to achieving low back pain relief in Dubuque is necessary. It’s essential to consider the whole picture and find solutions that will target the root cause of the problem.

low back pain relief in Dubuque

Achieve Natural Low Back Pain Relief in Dubuque with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

A tailored-fit and holistic approach can make all the difference for someone seeking lasting low back pain relief in Dubuque. This is where Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic comes in, a specially designed technique that aims to address upper cervical spine misalignment – an often overlooked trigger of low back pain. 

Dr. Greg Crowley of Asbury Family Chiropractic brings a wealth of expertise to this technique, having honed his skills under the guidance of the technique’s developer. His proficiency in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic has transformed the recovery journeys of many, offering relief and restoration. If you’re seeking a personalized, effective approach to low back pain after a collision, booking an appointment with Dr. Crowley is a vital step towards reclaiming your wellbeing.


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